Biniancolla Cove

A postcard cove

What will attract your attention if you visit Biniancolla, will not be its beaches. What stands out above all in this cove located south of the island is its environment, which offers a picturesque landscape of typical white houses, with an inlet on the coast that serves as a pier for fishing boats resting in its waters.

It is a place to see, paint and photograph. A place to enjoy simply observing its beautiful scenery. Especially at sunset, when the sun begins to hide behind the small houses and its last rays are reflected in its calm waters, the boats are rocked by the gentle waves and everything invites you to stop. To savor the calm that, for a few brief moments, invades everything.

Name: Biniancolla Cove

Location: Southern Zone I (39°48’40.9 “N 4°15’43.9 “E)

Distance from Mahón: 7’7 MN ; 11 km

Time from Mahón: 30 min by boat (average speed: 15 knots); 16 min by car

Type of beach: Gravel

Anchoring with boat: Sand and seaweed. Anchoring must be done on sand respecting the posidonia areas on the bottom and respecting the inside of the cove due to an area of reefs in the W part of the cove.

Dangerous access by boat: Medium. Narrow cove. Escutcheons in its W part


Nearest gas station for boats: 6 MN; Port of Mahón







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Cala de Biniancolla in Menorca, how to get there?

If we want to arrive by road, leaving Mahón we must take the Me-8 towards Sant Lluís and follow the signs to “Ctra. Sant Lluís – Biniancolla” until we reach Camí Vell de Biniancolla.

We will continue along this road that will lead us to the promenade of the village.

Services near Biniancolla Cove

Among the nearest services available we find the Italian restaurant La Baia, accommodations such as the Barceló Nura hotels (4 stars, with swimming pool, spa, gym and terraces with views) or the Hotel Sur Menorca (a 3 star hotel that offers free transfer to the beach). In addition, there is a parking lot about 500 meters from the beach and also a water park, the Splash Sur Menorca Waterpark.

RESTAURANT. La Baia (Italian cuisine) 971 15 92 81
ACCOMMODATIONS. Barceló Nura 971 57 17 00
LEISURE. Splash Sur Menorca Waterpark 971 15 91 95


Splash Waterpark is one of the best water parks in Menorca. In addition to a multitude of attractions for all audiences, it has all kinds of services: restaurants, stores, lifeguards, medical service, sun loungers, shaded areas…

A perfect place to spend a fun-filled day with family or friends.

What to see and do near Biniancolla cove

Honestly, on the beaches of Biniancolla it is more common to see fishermen and sailors than bathers. However, it is not that we can not enjoy its waters, in fact, the clarity of the same and the multitude of nooks and crannies that are hidden in their funds, make it a very good place to snorkel.

In addition, there are several restaurants and stores in the surroundings that will allow you to complete the day at the beach and have the perfect excuse to stroll through the beautiful village in which this cove resides.

If you like photography or painting, bring your work material with you! Undoubtedly, you will find in its horizon an infinite source of inspiration.

How to get to Cala de Biniancolla by boat?

To get to Cala de Biniancolla by boat, we must leave the port of Mahón heading SE. We will sail along the coast, leaving Illa del Rei to port.

We will continue out to the open sea, leaving the Punta de Sant Carles lighthouse to starboard.

Following the coastline in a southerly direction we will pass the outcrops of Na Girada and Punta Rafalet. We will continue skirting the island, which will take us in a SW direction and leave Punta Prima and Punta dels Marbres to starboard. At this point we will have the Illa de l’Aire on our port side.

Following the coastline, we will orient ourselves in a NW direction. On the starboard side we will see a deep inlet, towards which we will head to reach Cala de Biniancolla.

Do you want to go to Cala de Biniancolla by boat?