Corporal of Cavalry

A lighthouse to illuminate them all

Cape Cavallería is the northernmost point of the island of Menorca. In it, the lighthouse that bears his name rises imposingly. A construction of 15 meters high located on a cliff of more than 90 meters.

Before its inauguration in 1857, shipwrecks were relatively frequent in the area. The construction of the lighthouse was intended to solve the problem and, although it is true that it was a significant improvement, the shipwrecks did not cease. This led to their number multiplying and, at the beginning of the 20th century, two more lighthouses were created: Favàritx and Punta Nati.

Cape Cavalleria is a peninsula of poor vegetation in which stand out, above all, its imposing cliffs. From up there you can see the best views of the north coast of the island and, if you wait for the sun to set, the view is truly magical.

Name: Corporal of Cavalry

Location: North Zone III (40°05’20.2 “N 4°05’31.9 “E)

Distance from Mahón: 22 MN / 35 km

Time from Mahón: 1h 40 min by boat (average speed: 15 knots) / 40 min by car

Type of beach: Rock

Anchoring with boat: Rock and seaweed. Restricted area for posidonia protection. Anchoring is not recommended in the vicinity due to the difficulties present in the area, the great depth and the protection of posidonia.

Dangerous access by boat: Medium. Rocky area and cliffs. The passage between the lighthouse and the Illa d’els Porros should be made through the center of the channel to reduce the danger.

Posidonia: Yes. Protected area.

Nearest gas station for boats: 3’6 MN; Port of Fornells





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Cabo de Cavallería in Menorca, how to get there?

Leaving Mahón by road, we will have to take the Me-7 towards NW and follow it until we take the road towards Camí de Tramuntana. We will turn right when we find the detour to the road to Cavallería, we will continue along it until, on the left hand side, we find the road that leads to the lighthouse.

If we want to reach it by following the Camí de Cavalls, we can go through its fifth stage (complete or a part of it). Its route, which goes from Cala Tirant to Binimel-là, allows you to take a detour to get to know the place.

Services near Cabo de Cavallería


*We consider them “close” if they are within a radius of 250-300 m approx.

What to see near Cabo de Cavallería

Of course, if we get to the cape, the lighthouse should be an obligatory stop, but there are also places of special interest in the surrounding area that we can – and should – be encouraged to visit.

As we have mentioned, the Camí de Cavalls It crosses the place and in its stage that goes from Cala Tirant to Biniemel-là, and in the almost 10 km of crossing, we will have the opportunity to visit beaches such as Cavallería or Cala Mica, but also areas of historical interest such as the Roman city of Sanitja and its defense tower, which are also very close to the lighthouse.

Of course, we cannot leave the place without visiting Cavallería beach itself. If you like to practice sports such as surfing, come on a day when the tramontana is blowing and get ready to enjoy.

How to get to Cabo de Cavallería by boat?

To get to Cabo de Cavallería by boat, we will have to leave the port of Mahón heading SE, leaving the dock to starboard. We will continue through the port until we reach the open sea (up to Punta de Sant Carles).

At this point, we will leave the San Carlos lighthouse to starboard, and continue to port along the coast (heading NE) where we will pass La Mola and Punta de S’Espero, to continue in a NW direction (always sailing with the coast to port).

We will pass Cap Negre, Punta de Sa Galera and, finally, Punta de sa Cudia. On the port side we will see an inlet that leads to Es Grau and in front we will have Illa d’en Colom. We will have to overcome it leaving it on the port side and continue in a NW direction until we pass the Cap de Mossen Vives and the Escull den Tortuga. From the bow we will see the Cap de Favàritx and its unmistakable lighthouse.

Skirting the Favàritx point, we will sail in a NW direction until we see the Addaia islands. We will pass them on the port side and continue until we reach Punta Pantinat.

We will go around it and advance in a NW direction to Cap de Cavallería (the northernmost point of the island), which we will find between Cap Roig (to the SE of Cavallería) and Illa d’els Porros (to the NW).

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