Illa de l’Aire

A nightmare for navigators

The island of Aire is located to the SE of the island of Menorca, it is a small uninhabited islet that, nevertheless, harbors a lot of life. Here we can find as habitual residents the most characteristic bird species of the Balearic Islands, and it is also a place of passage for numerous migratory birds.

On this island of wild environment, there is the largest population of Balearic lizard of the whole island (a species of black lizard that, outside its habitat, turns green) and abundant vegetation characterized by its resistance to wind and salt. It is a place of high biological value, which owes its name to the winds (which mercilessly whip its coasts).

It highlights the famous lighthouse built in the mid-nineteenth century and holds the title of being the highest in Menorca (and, until recently, the largest of all the Balearic Islands). It is visible from most of the south coast of the island, especially from Punta Prima.


The story behind the lighthouse

Before the Isla del Aire lighthouse was built, the islet, which barely protruded above sea level, was the worst nightmare of the sailors who plied its waters. In true Titanic style, there were many who, unaware of their presence, ended up running their boats aground against the ground.

The construction of this lighthouse was intended to put an end to the problem and thus avoid further unpleasantness among the poor sailors who could not afford so many boats.

Name: Isla del Aire (or Illa de l’Aire)

Location: South Zone I (39°48’05.1 “N 4°17’25.9 “E)

Distance from Mahón: 6’6 MN ; 11 km

Time from Mahón: 40 min by boat (average speed: 15 knots); 17 min by car

Anchoring with boat: Seaweed and rocks. Restricted in the SW part for posidonia protection. It is recommended to anchor on the N side, leaving a margin with the coast at all times.

Dangerous access by boat: Medium. Numerous shallows less than one meter deep on the entire S side of the island. Strict protection of the environment and posidonia

Posidonia: Yes

Nearest gas station for ships: 5’5 MN; Port of Mahón





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Isla del Aire in Menorca, how to get there?

Its access has to be done by sea, yes or yes: either by renting a boat, or by signing up for excursions that make transfers and visits to the Isla del Aire.

To get as close as possible by road, we must take the Me-8 towards Sant Lluis and, once on the road, follow the signs to join the Carretera de Punta Prima.

At this end of the SE coast of Menorca we will find the closest point to Isla del Aire, whose lighthouse we will see rising right before our eyes.

Services near the Air Island


There are no services available on the island, but if we reach it from other points of the Minorcan coast as Mahon or Punta Prima, we will have many options at our disposal to enjoy before leaving, or on the return of our visit to the island.

*We consider them “close” if they are within a radius of 250-300 m approx.

What to see and do on Air Island

Isla del Aire is the perfect place to discover Menorca in its wildest state: a walk through its interior will allow you to discover numerous native animal and plant species, with a swim in its crystal clear waters you can savor the Mediterranean in its purest form and with a visit to its lighthouse you will create indelible memories of your vacation on the island.

This highly protected terrain is home to as much life on the surface as it hides in the sea, so if you dare to snorkel, its underwater landscapes will impress you as much as those on land… maybe even more.

How to get to the Air Island by boat?

To reach Illa de l’Aire by boat, we must leave the port of Mahón heading SE. We will sail along the coast, leaving Illa del Rei to port.

We will continue out to the open sea, leaving the Punta de Sant Carles lighthouse to starboard.

Following the coastline in a southerly direction we will pass the outcrops of Na Girada and Punta Rafalet. We will continue skirting the island, which will take us in a SW direction and leave Punta Prima to starboard. To the S of this we will find Illa de l’Aire. It is recommended to anchor in the N part of the island, leaving margin with the coast.

Do you want to go to the Air Island by boat?