Cavaller Cove

A difficult place to get to

Cala en Cavaller is a small black rock beach, about 50 meters wide, very lonely and totally virgin. It is located on the north coast of Menorca, between Es Grau and Favàritx and south of Cala en Tortuga.

It is a little known place, which is included as part of the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau, whose seaweed and rocky bottoms make it an area worth snorkeling.

Cala en Cavaller is surrounded by cliffs of a certain height, covered by bushes and diverse vegetation that reaches the seafront and, which cause the cove to be wrapped by a green mantle.

The peculiarities of the place, with its stony bottoms, the multitude of reefs and the shallow depth of some areas, together with the natural obstacles found on the access road, make it inadvisable to anchor boats.

All this, together with the fact that its access by land is not easy either, since the road to reach the cove is long, with no drinking water available, nor shadows in which to take shelter on the hottest days, explain the low influx of tourists in its waters.

Name: Cala en Cavaller

Location: North Zone II (39°58’66.6 “N 4°15’82.9 “E)

Distance from Mahón: 11 MN ; 20 km

Time from Mahón: 44 min by boat (average speed: 15 knots); 30 min by car

Type of beach: Gravel

Anchoring with boat: Seaweed and rocks. Not recommended.

Dangerous access by boat: High. Numerous reefs outcrop on the S face, on the N face and in the center of the cove. Anchoring and getting too close to the coast is not recommended.

Posidonia: Yes

Nearest gas station for boats: 9’5 MN; Mahón








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Cala Rambles in Menorca, how to get there?

As we have mentioned before, getting to this beach is not an easy task.

Direct access by road is not feasible, although it will allow us to get close to Es Grau or to the Favàritx lighthouse (to continue the route from there, following the Camí de Cavalls).

To get to both places we can go by car (in Es Grau there is parking available and in Favàritx a temporary parking was enabled in 2020) or get there by bus. Line 43 departs from Mahón and stops at Favàritx, while line 23* has the same origin, but will take us to Es Grau.

Once we have arrived at either of the two places, we can continue the route following the Camí de Cavalls. Both points are within the same road stage (the 02 that goes from Es Grau to the cape of Favàritx), and Cala en Cavaller is more or less halfway between the two.

If we decide to go from Es Grau, we will make the stage heading north and we will pass by the beach of Es Grau, we can stop to observe the birds of the region stopping at two viewpoints of the Natural Park of s’Albufera that we will find on the route, and we will pass by the cove Fondejador des Llanes, Mamaes Primes, Cala Tamarells and Sa Torreta (where we can see its defense tower), until we reach Cala en Cavaller.

If, on the other hand, we start from Favàritx, the Camí de Cavalls will take us in a southerly direction and, along the way, we can visit the Favàritx lighthouse, and the famous Cala Tortuga and Cala Presilli, before reaching Cala en Cavaller.

Both routes will offer spectacular scenery, but they are long hikes (about 4km per section and approximately 90 minutes of walking) in which we must not forget to go well supplied and, if possible, it is preferable not to make these routes in the middle of summer because the heat, the lack of shadows in which to take shelter and the absence of drinking water along the way (unless we bring it with us from the beginning), can play a dirty trick on us.

*This line only offers service during the summer.

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*We consider them “close” if they are within a radius of 250-300 m approx.

What to see near Cala en Cavaller in Menorca?

As it happens with many of the places that are in this region of the Minorcan island, Cala en Cavaller offers, fundamentally, two plans to make to be able to enjoy to the maximum of its privileged surroundings.

On the one hand, as it is included as part of the Natural Park of s’Albufera d’es Grau, the posidonia present in its waters harbors an exuberant marine life that is worth knowing. Snorkeling or scuba diving are fantastic options for those who love underwater landscapes.

On the other hand, its location (in the middle of one of the stages of the Camí de Cavalls), gives rise to the realization of numerous excursions to inspect the surroundings and enjoy the hidden corners of the north coast of the island: from its coves (Cala Rambles, Mamaes Primes, the Fondejador des Llanes), to places of historical and scenic interest (such as Sa Torreta, the Favàritx lighthouse or the viewpoints of s’Albufera).

An endless number of possibilities to discover, only a part, of all that Menorca has to offer.

How to get to Cala en Cavaller by boat?

The other option to reach Cala en Cavaller is to do it by sea, but we must remember that, if we approach it by boat, it is not advisable to anchor near the cove due to the unfavorable characteristics of the terrain and the restrictions of the posidonia.

In any case, if we want to make this approach we will have to leave with our boat from the port of Mahón in SE direction leaving the dock to starboard. We will continue through the port until we reach the open sea (up to Punta de Sant Carles).

At this point, we will leave the San Carlos lighthouse to starboard, and continue to port along the coast (heading NE). We will pass La Mola and Punta de S’Espero, to advance in a NW direction (always sailing with the coast to port).

We will pass Cap Negre, Punta de Sa Galera and, finally, Punta de sa Cudia. On the port side we will see an inlet that leads to Es Grau and in front we will have Illa d’en Colom. We will have to border it to the N, until we pass its northern end (Cap des Mestral).

We will position ourselves in a NW direction taking the Cap de Mossen Vives as a reference and, at its southern end, we will find Cala en Cavaller.

Do you want to go to Cala en Cavaller by boat?