Fornells Bay

The crown jewel of water sports

Fornells Bay is the largest bay on the Minorcan coast. It has its own port and a multitude of services for boats, as well as for the practice of all kinds of water sports.

Along the bay there is a multitude of coves with very different characteristics (which, undoubtedly, will be worth knowing), and we will also find within it the island of Ses Sargantanes, in whose horizon stands out the presence of one of the last defense towers built in the late eighteenth century by Captain D’Arcy (chief of the English engineers during the British domination of the island of Menorca).

Fornells is undoubtedly a place that will surprise you, a real natural jewel nestled on the north coast, with a charming fishing village that has become a reference point for water sports and also for the tasting of delicious fresh produce from the area.

The contrast of its traditional whitewashed houses, with the blue of its clean and crystalline waters, offers a wonderful vision of a typical Balearic village where respect for nature and its care prevails. Not surprisingly, this area, which stretches from Cap Gros to Punta des Morter, has been declared a Marine Reserve.

Name: Bay of Fornells

Location: North Zone II (40°02’54.5 “N 4°07’58.8 “E)

Distance from Mahón: 21 MN ; 26 km

Time from Mahón: 1h 25 min by boat (average speed: 15 knots); 26 min by car

Type of beach: Bay

Anchoring with boat: Mud, very wide throughout the bay. Anchoring should be done in areas that do not affect the processionary moth. There is the possibility of mooring to jetties or private buoys.

Dangerous access by boat: Medium. Shallow depth in some areas, e.g.he Ses Salines area is dangerous because of this. Beware of posidonia-protected areas

Posidonia: Yes

Nearest gas station for boats: 0’5 MN; Port of Fornells














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Bahía de Fornells in Menorca, how to get there?

Depending on the exact place in the bay you want to visit, you will have to follow some indications or others.

Let’s put that, as a general rule, if you want to get there by road, you should leave Mahón towards Fornells on the Me-7 and take the detour to the Me-15 as soon as possible, once there, you will have to pay attention to the signs and follow some roads or others depending on what your destination is.

Services near Fornells Bay

If you want it, and the Bay of Fornells will give it to you. The possibilities are endless since, not only are there a multitude of restaurants and accommodation options in the surrounding area, but there are also numerous centers specialized in organizing activities and excursions (both by land and by sea): Club Nàutic Fornells, Diving Center Fornells, Dia Complert, Barbarroja Fornells, Katayak, Wind Fornells… Imagine any activity you want to do on the water and Fornells will have it.

HOTEL. Comitas Tramontana Park 971 37 67 42
RESTAURANT. Sa Llagosta (fish and seafood) 971 37 65 66


Based in Fornells, this school offers a multitude of excursions by catamaran, sailboat or kayak, which can be done at noon or at sunset. In addition, they have equipment for rent (both the kayaks themselves, as paddle surf boards), and if what you want is to receive some classes, Katayak will put at your service all the necessary knowledge so you can squeeze the experience to the fullest.

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What to see and do near Fornells Bay

As the bay covers a wide area, it is difficult to establish a generality about what we can find in it, as it will depend a lot on the area where we are and what is around the coves we have decided to visit.

In any case, there are points of interest close to the bay that are common to all the beaches found in it.

So, in addition to making a tour to know the different coves that are housed in the port of Fornells, it is worth noting the presence of emblematic places such as the Castell de Sant Antoni (which has been restored relatively recently) and its famous defense tower, the Salines de la Concepció (whose waters are inhabited by a bacterium that is responsible for giving them their characteristic reddish color and can be reached by following the Camí de Cavalls), or Punta des MorterOne of the most northerly points of the island (only surpassed by the Cap de Cavallería) where we can get stunning views of the region (yes, you have to walk about 8 km to reach it and the road -especially towards the end- is quite hard).

As for the presence of nearby services, it will depend a lot on the exact place in the bay where we are, but it is not uncommon to find hotels, restaurants and equipment rental centers in the vicinity. water sports which, in fact, is one of the great attractions offered by the bay.

Kayaking, snorkeling, diving, surfing, sailing… are just some of the sports you can practice in its waters. And, if we prefer activities on land, its offer is not far behind: hiking, biking, horseback riding, golf … are just some of the sports you can enjoy in Fornells.

Get ready to enjoy a unique experience!

How to get to the bay of Fornells by boat?

To get to Bahía de Fornells by boat, we will have to leave with our boat from the port of Mahón in SE direction leaving the dock to starboard. We will continue through the port until we reach the open sea (up to Punta de Sant Carles).

At this point, we will leave the San Carlos lighthouse to starboard, and continue to port along the coast (heading NE) where we will pass La Mola and Punta de S’Espero, to continue in a NW direction (always sailing with the coast to port).

We will pass Cap Negre, Punta de Sa Galera and, finally, Punta de sa Cudia. On the port side we will see an inlet that leads to Es Grau and in front we will have Illa d’en Colom. We will have to overcome it leaving it on the port side and continue in a NW direction until we pass the Cap de Mossen Vives and the Escull den Tortuga. From the bow we will see the Cap de Favàritx and its unmistakable lighthouse.

Skirting the Favàritx point, we will sail in a NW direction until we see the Addaia islands. We will pass them leaving them to port and continue until we reach Punta Pantinat.

We will go around it, without losing the coastline, until we find a deep inlet at the end of Punta Pantinet (between Punta des Morter and Cap de Fornells). Entering in this (in direction S), we will arrive at the bay of Fornells, along which we will find a multitude of small coves and islets.

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