Carbó Cove

To this cove you have to put your heart and soul into it

Cala Carbó is located on the north coast of Menorca. Isolated and unspoiled, this protected beach has been created from an inlet of sea with a peculiar “U” shape and it highlights the dark color of its sand and its public, rather scarce.

The difficulties of access make the number of visitors who are encouraged to know it considerably reduced, and it is possible to reach it by land, but the road is rocky, the terrain is uneven and its location is difficult to locate.


Carbó Cove

Location: North Zone III (40°3.529’N 3°55.719’E)

Distance from Mahón: 30 MN / 52 km

Time from Mahón: 2h by boat (average speed 15 knots) / 57 min by car

Type of beach: Sand and stone

Anchoring with boat: Stone. It is not advisable to anchor it. Surrounded by reefs. Exposed to N, SW and NW winds.

Dangerous access by boat: High. Cove full of reefs. Open to the Tramontana

Posidonia: Yes

Nearest gas station for boats:

10 MN (Port of
) and 11’5 MN (Port of Ciutadella)






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Cala Carbó in Menorca, how to get there?

If you are wondering how to get to Cala Carbó, the answer can be no other than: hardly.

The approach by sea is dangerous due to the multitude of obstacles present in its waters and trying to reach it by land is not impossible, but it is complicated. The uneven terrain will not make things easy for you, but if you still want to get to know this cove, approach it by road.

Leaving Mahón, in the direction of Ciutadella, we must take the Me-1 and drive along it until we find the exit to Ctra. Camí de Cala Morell and then turn right towards Camí d’Algaiarens / Son Seu. From here on, the roads that we find along the way, which can bring us closer to our destination, may be restricted, so it is likely that from this point we will have to continue on foot for about 3 km on unmarked trails.

The truth is that it is something to think about.

Services near Cala Carbó


*We consider them “close” if they are within a radius of 250-300 m approx.

What to do near Cala Carbó?

The truth is that, in this cove, there are no services and activities… rather few. But hey, if you’ve made it this far, you deserve a break.

So, simply relax, take a deep breath, savor the silence that surrounds you, soak in the nature that surrounds you, let yourself be rocked by the sound of the waves… and enjoy. The views, at least, will be beautiful (and that experience is a spectacle in itself).

How to get to Cala Carbó by boat?

To get to Cala Carbó, we will have to leave the port of Mahón with our boat heading SE, leaving the dock to starboard. We will continue through the port until we reach the open sea (up to Punta de Sant Carles).

At this point, we will leave the San Carlos lighthouse to starboard, and continue to port along the coast (heading NE) where we will pass La Mola and Punta de S’Espero, to continue in a NW direction (always sailing with the coast to port).

We will pass Cap Negre, Punta de Sa Galera and, finally, Punta de sa Cudia. On the port side we will see an inlet that leads to Es Grau and in front we will have Illa d’en Colom. We will have to overcome it leaving it on the port side and continue in a NW direction until we pass the Cap de Mossen Vives and the Escull den Tortuga. From the bow we will see the Cap de Favàritx and its unmistakable lighthouse.

Skirting the Favàritx point, we will advance in a NW direction until we see the Addaia islands. We will pass them on the port side and continue until we reach Punta Pantinat.

We will go around it and sail in a NW direction (passing Punta de na Guillemassa and Punta des Morter) until we reach Cap de Cavallería. We will border it passing between Illa d’els Porros (which will be on the starboard side) and Illot des Pas (which will be on the port side).

Once we have passed the channel between the two, we will descend gently in a W direction, leaving behind Illa Bledes, Illa des Coloms, Punta Cala Calde and Punta de s’Anticrist. Once past the latter we will find Cap Gros and Cap de Ferro, behind which is Cala Carbó in SE direction.

Do you want to go to Cala Carbó by boat?