Binidalí Cove

Another jewel of the south coast

This small cove, which can be found on the south coast of Menorca, is characterized by its shallow bottoms, its cliff-like surroundings and the clusters of rock that we see everywhere.

Although it is true that it has an area of white sand, its size is very small. Fortunately, the number of visitors is not very high either (and they are usually locals from the neighboring urbanizations, rather than tourists who come to swim in its waters).

In this cove you breathe calm, partly thanks to its few spectators and partly thanks to the location of the cove itself (facing S) that protects it from storms and unwanted winds.

Name: Binidalí Cove

Location: South Zone II (39°49’57.5 “N 4°11’56.6 “E)

Distance from Mahón: 10’9 MN ; 10 km

Time from Mahón: 45 min by boat (average speed: 15 knots); 13 min by car.

Type of beach: Sand

Anchoring with boat: Sand and seaweed. It must be anchored in the center of the cove, respecting the posidonia meadows. Low to the W. Open to the S, SE and SW.

Dangerous access by boat: Medium. Narrow cove

Posidonia: Yes

Nearest gas station for boats: 9’8 MN; Port of Mahón






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Cala de Binidalí in Menorca, how to get there?

Leaving from Mahón, your route by road includes traveling along the Me-12 until you find the detour to Carretera de Binidalí. We must continue along it until we reach Carrer de Sa Nastre and continue along it until we reach the urbanization of the same name at the beach.

Once there, turn left down the third street and you will find a parking lot at the bottom with stairs leading straight down to the beach.

Services near Cala de Binidalí

SERVICE PHONE WEB BAR/RESTAURANT. Binidalí 711 70 65 03 RESTAURANT. La Mar Salá 684 06 06 21 HOTEL. Barceló Hamilton Menorca 971 36 20 50

What to see and do in Binidalí

In its deep turquoise waters, very characteristic of this part of the island, we can enjoy snorkeling.

Of course, the Camí de Cavalls also crosses this part of the coast and, in its 17th stage, passes in front of Binidalí, going from Cala en Porter to Binisáfuller and visiting, along the way, places like the cliffs of Calescoves, Es Canutells or Biniparratx, where we can find beautiful coves that we will surely love.

It is true that the beach does not have services, but the advantage of having reached it by car (if this is the way we have chosen to visit it) is that we can move easily to other parts of the island and continue enjoying all that Menorca has to offer.

How to get to Cala de Binidalí by boat?

To access Cala de Binidalí by boat, we must leave the port of Mahón heading SE. We will sail along the coast, leaving Illa del Rei to port.

We will continue out to the open sea, leaving the Punta de Sant Carles lighthouse to starboard.

Following the coastline in a southerly direction we will pass the outcrops of Na Girada and Punta Rafalet. We will continue skirting the island, which will take us in a SW direction and leave Punta Prima and Punta dels Marbres to starboard. At this point we will have the Illa de l’Aire on our port side.

Following the coastline, we will head NW and ascend passing Cabo Binibeca and Cap d’en Font.

Past this, we will find two inlets: a boomerang-shaped one that enters the coast in a northeasterly direction and then another that ascends to the northwest. It is in the latter that the Cala de Binidalí is hidden.

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