Blanes Cove

“The show must go on”

Fine white sand, turquoise water and surrounding vegetation. If you have small children, this beach is perfect for them, but also for you. You will fall in love with its landscapes, a paradise with a family atmosphere that you will surely want to return to on your next vacation.

Take a dip in clear turquoise waters, enjoy a day of tranquility and relaxation resting in the beautiful palm grove located on the sand of the beach itself, where you can take shelter from the sun while staying in front of the beach without the need for an umbrella.

You should also visit the “bufado del cap de bancos” a crack in which when there is bad weather and the wind blows the sound is similar to a voice from beyond the grave, almost as if someone was speaking from the underworld. A natural attraction that is sure to amaze the little ones. The show is guaranteed.

Name: Cala en Blanes

Location: Ciutadella Area (39º59.757’N 3º48.750’E)

Distance from Mahón: 34 MN ; 43’1 km

Time from Mahón: 2h 50min by boat (average speed: 15 knots); 46 min by car

Type of beach: Sand

Anchoring with boat: Sand. Small vessels only

Danger access by boat: Medium

Posidonia: Protected site

Nearest gas station for boats: 1’2 MN; Port of Ciutadella













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Cala en Blanes in Menorca, how to get there?

Cala en Blanes is very well communicated and the way to get there is very easy. You can get there on foot, by bike, motorcycle or car.

If you are in Ciutadella and you want to reach Cala en Blanes by car, follow the signs on the promenade of Sa Farola. You will arrive at the parking lot of Cala en Blanes when the bike lane ends. If you are in Mahón, use the main road towards Ciutadella, before reaching the center you will have to take the detour to Cala en Blanes or to the urbanization Los Delfines and follow the signs that you will find en route.

There are two free parking lots in the bay, one on each side. Parking areas are quite scarce, so if you want to get a spot, you will have to be among the first to arrive. In any case, if you run out of parking, you can always look for parking in the nearby streets, although you will probably have to walk a little further on the way to the beach.

If you are accompanied and you have to look for parking, the best thing to do is to unload on the beach, leave your companions and the gear you want to carry, and thus avoid making the way loaded. The sun in summer presses and if you go light it is much more bearable.

Another option is to arrive on foot through the Camí de Cavalls, a hiking route in Menorca that has a total of 22 stages that run along the coast and from which you can access the different coves of the island.

Services near Cala en Blanes

In Cala en Blanes itself there are two beach bars: Pirates and Sa Cova. They have comfortable hammocks with umbrellas on the beach for your good siesta and coffee after lunch, or just spend the day there without missing anything, enjoying wonderful views of the cove. You will be able to eat in any of these options if you are not interested in going too far from the beach, although you can always widen your search radius if you are interested in other options.

Different options of excellent food such as Cuk.Cuk Restaurant, Restaurant Bianco & Kairos by Bianco, Piqniq, Es Replec or Fang i Aram Restaurant Vegetarià, a vegetarian option with very good reviews on the internet.

Being a beach located in Ciutadella, you have the convenience of finding restaurants easily and there are very good options as Menorca has a very good gastronomic offer, with bars and restaurants of great quality.

ACCOMMODATIONS. Globals Cala'n Blanes 971 38 97 01
BAR. Pirates Beach Bar 616 49 61 08
RESTAURANT. Sa Cova 617 13 49 67


In this restaurant, more than the food (centered on Mediterranean cuisine and of excellent quality), its peculiar location is striking, since Sa Cova is located, as its name suggests, in a cave with a wonderful terrace by the sea. If we are in the area, the show is well worth it.

What to do and what to see in Cala en Blanes

Menorca has several urban beaches located within some municipalities, as is the case of Cala en Blanes. A small beach of Ciutadella perfect for those seeking tranquility and comfort with the family, as it is a very closed beach and this protects it from the waves that can occur some days. The children can play safely, knowing that they are safe on the shore, and they will have a great time making sand castles.

In addition, umbrellas, hammocks and scooters are available for rent. In case of renting the latter, it is important that you follow the indications given to you and do not exceed the number of people allowed, nor go too far away from the cove area, especially if there is wind or waves.

On the other hand, if you like to discover new species at the bottom of the sea and transmit to the little ones the importance of the marine ecosystems for the planet, you can make snorkel along the edges of the cove, discover the banks of Posidonia oceanica (so important for the Mediterranean Sea and the Balearic Islands), or discover the most typical species of the Minorcan coasts, children will enjoy a lot, but adults even more!

If you have teenagers on your family trip, they will surely be much more attracted to the next cove: Cala en Brut. In this beach you can make cliff jumps of up to 10 meters high although, nowadays, most of them are closed, you can still make jumps from the polished rock platforms with different heights to satisfy the bravest and the not so brave. A beach that is usually full of daring young people in search of adrenaline, perfect for every teenager.

If you prefer hiking, you can do the Camí de Cavalls route that you will find in Camí de Sa Farola. It is a very simple route from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the entire bay. You will also find the promenade and nearby viewpoints that at sunset give you a spectacle of nature that you can not miss.

If your accommodation is in Cala en Blanes, and you go with your family, you can visit the water park that is in the area, for the little ones is usually a fun day, as well as for teenagers and even for adults.

How to get to Cala en Blanes by boat?

To get to Cala en Blanes by boat, we must leave the port of Mahón heading SE.

We will sail along the coast and leaving Illa del Rei to port, we will continue until we reach the open sea, leaving the lighthouse of Punta de Sant Carles to starboard and, following the coastline in a southerly direction, we will pass the outcrops of Na Girada and Punta Rafalet.

We will continue skirting the island, which will take us in a SW direction and leave Punta Prima and Punta dels Marbres to starboard. At this point we will have the Illa de l’Aire on our port side.

Following the coastline, we will head in a NW direction and ascend passing Cabo Binibeca, Illot d’en Marçal, Cap d’en Font, Cap de ses Penyes, Illot de Binicodrell, Punta de Macarella, Punta des Tambors… until we reach Cap d’Artrutx (at the SW end of the island). From here we will ascend in NW direction towards the Cap de Banyos.

Before reaching it, we will see three entrances to the coast: one very narrow and elongated, another triangular in shape (which narrows as we go further into the coast), and another with a narrow and elongated shape but that forks into 2 towards the end.

It is in the first one where we will find Cala en Blanes.

Do you want to go to Cala en Blanes by boat?